The question as we left the theater was “is it the best Spider-man movie ever?” Spider-man 2 with Dr. Octopus is the other contender, of course. And whether or not you decide S2 beats out Spider-man: Homecoming is kinda irrelevant, S:H is on that level. The only problems I have with the movie are all non-problems to anyone who isn’t a comic book geek (the last paragraph in this post will have spoilers in it and be about comic book stuff instead of the actual movie). The acting is great, the best that could be squeezed out of a group of kids. The directing, story, tie-ins to the Marvel Universe (this movie had more than any other), and writing are all very good. The action scenes are not quite as prevalent as they are in most other comic book movies, but not by much and they are satisfying. Teenagers may think this is the best movie ever, b/c S:H is perfectly eye level for them. Adults and kids are really going to enjoy it too. I noticed that after the movie was over we all stood around and talked excited for far longer and with more enthusiasm than we have at any point this year (Logan is the only other movie that gets close). Go see it.
I want to say Marvel hit one home run and had one strike out. But, they wouldn’t say they struck out, b/c they weren’t even trying to play the game. They hit the struggling Peter Parker better than any other Spider-man movie, and might have bullseyed the non-Super Hero persona of any comic book movie from any company better than ever. Tom Holland plays a perfect Peter Parker: well written, well acted, normal teenager with abnormal problems. That is the home run, perfectly aligned with our comic book Peter Parker. The strike out would be … forget everything you know about the origin story. Everybody’s. Ben, Flash, Adrian Toomes, and one Mandarin level misstep at the end, all different. They weren’t trying to satisfy the comic geek, which hurts a little. With that said, this movie had more MCU tie-ins, cameos and shout outs than any other, which was lots of fun for me.