Transformers is a Japanese property, set all over the globe, about some toys that are made in China. Which makes it about the most American thing ever. That reminds me of the only other time I wasn’t proud to be an American, my lone trip to Jack In The Box. Transformers: The Last Knight is terrible. Take the worst parts of some other franchises and combine them together and you get T:TLK: its stupid and ridiculous like The Fast and the Furious, its hokey like Harry Potter, its cheesy like Twilight. None of those encapsulate the worst part though, the acting couldn’t be worse. I take that back, the writing is the worst part, so maybe the acting would have been average if they had something to work with. I can only come up with two positive things to say about it: sometimes the fighting is pretty good, and if I was 12 I would think its an awesome movie.
Seriously, don’t go see this movie. The people that made T:TLK think we’re stupid and treat us like we’ll eat up the easiest, most obvious crap that they throw at us. Don’t reward this kind of shill.
There is no blood, and the action is all comic booky, but they cuss a hand full of times (for no reason. It feels so out of place when they do it).
Oh, and its boring.