Saw two movies yesterday, the lesser rated of which is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Critics have hammered KA and it is the first bomb of the Summer, but I kinda liked it. KA is more original and unique than most of the blockbusters coming up. Not to say the story is completely fresh, but the execution is different, and the hero is more Jack Sparrow and less Captain America. The editing is also pretty uniquely done, and how often do I talk about editing? The acting is average for a Summer blockbuster, but the scenery is pretty and the behind the scene people knew what they were trying to do. Of the three main movies out so far this season: KA, Guardians and Alien, Guardians is far and away the best, but KA is better than Alien. I don’t think everyone should see KA in the theater, but it isn’t a bad choice for action fans on a rainy day.
There is a smidgen of blood, and they fight frequently, but never barbarically. No sex and they only cuss enough (once or twice) to get the rating up to PG-13.