Do I gush over comic book movies? Yes. Should Logan win an Oscar anyway? Also yes.

Normally, I’m one of the last to leave the theater, I don’t get in any hurry. I did my same, non-hurried shuffle at the end of Logan, but most people were still in their seats as I walked past. They looked shell-shocked, and undoubtedly felt emotionally drained, like I did. Leaving Logan you almost feel like you’ve been in a fight, beat up a little bit. My armpits were sweaty, my heart was a little heavy, but I felt very satisfied. It was like watching Schindler’s List or Passion of the Christ; an emotional experience that empties you out in the best way.

You know how books are normally better than movies, b/c the book has so much more time to develop the characters and plot? Well, Logan is the closest movie I’ve seen to replicating what a book can pull off. Part of that is b/c we’ve been watching Hugh Jackman develop the Wolverine character for 15 years, and part of it is b/c there is no wasted motion in Logan. The acting is good, the fights are, finally, appropriately brutal, and the special effects are subtle and blended in perfectly. What sets Logan apart is the story and the characters. Bottom line, it was just a really fantastic movie.

It’s rated R. They cuss, stab people in the head, and don’t hold back on the death scenes. Logan ain’t a kids movie, but the only reason you should skip it is if you can’t enjoy a movie b/c of the things in the previous sentence.