It’s the second worst time of year to go see movies that are both fun and of some quality (the first two months of football season being the worst time). Last week xXx was so bad that no amount of explosions could save it. This week Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is better, but not still not real good. Resident Evil is a video game made into a movie (check in the bad column), there are like six movies in the franchise (check in the good column), the acting is atrocious (bad), the plot line across the movies is surprisingly coherent (good), the plot line on any given movie is unsurprisingly incoherent (bad). RE:TFC’s dedication to action is on the same level as a 7th grade girl’s dedication to Justin Bieber though, there is just enough time to take a breath after the last action scene before a new one starts up. Its paced like a Monster Truck rally. This installment is a bit more gory than previous installments, there’s blood and practically none of the monsters have skin, and there are dismembered zombie bodies everywhere, etc.
Fans of the franchise and fans of action movies will enjoy RE:TFC (I liked, I supposed, but I won’t be clamoring to see it again.), but this is not a “good” movie. Most people won’t enjoy it. If you need to know about the kids go reread the “practically none of the monsters have skin” line.