I went to watch Passengers with extremely low expectations, and those expectations were greatly exceeded. The reason for the pleasant surprise was Chris Pratt. I wish he and I could be friends. He is in just about every scene in the movie, and in every scene I’m buying what he’s selling. Well, except for the ones where the science gets really wonky, but that is par for the course for a space movie. But 90%+ of the time I was watching I was all in. And that is the beauty of Passengers, it isn’t an action movie until late, and there is a lot of quite times, but I stayed engaged through the whole thing. It was good, way better than it had any reason to be. The story is fantastical, but doesn’t get in the way, and the pacing is even, up until they try to blow everything up at the end. The acting is good, with my boy Chrisy Poo leading the way. You don’t have to go out of your way to see it in the theater, but definitely catch it on Redbox.

You kids won’t enjoy it. It is safe for them, but they’ll think it is slow and boring, b/c they won’t get the tension.