Assassin’s Creed is a movie based on a video game. Wait! Wait! Before you automatically write it off as bad, let me tell why its bad. Truth is, I loved it. Best action scenes of the year, with the airport fight from Captain America: Civil War being the only one better. The action is great, the story is reasonable for an action movie, and they spent money to hire real actors. I really liked it. But there is one big weakness, and that is w/out an understanding of the video games the plot is a huge mess: holes, contradictions, head scratching, the works. (The little weakness is that its choppy, it starts and stops a lot) There will be plot holes and dumb stuff even if you’ve played the games, but without that history I imagine following it would be tough.
So if you can suspend your disbelief, or if you’ve played the games, I highly recommend Assassins Creed. It is a good action movie.
There is a lot of stabby stabby, and they fight the whole time, but not much blood. AC isn’t made for young kids anyway.