As soon as the credits started to roll the guy I was sitting next immediately declared Dr. Strange as the best Marvel movie he had seen, siting the visuals above all.  As y’all might remember, I rate movies based on fun and entertainment, rather than any artistic merit or particular trait.  So, I’m not going to go as far as he did, but, without a doubt DS will keep your attention every second you’re watching it.

I am going to say every single negative thing I can think of to say about DS.  This is an origin movie, so there are a couple of times they just have to point the camera at someone’s face and let them do a monologue explaining some plot point, and occasionally the origin moves to fast (meaning Dr. Strange goes from zero to hero at an accelerated pace).  The bad guy isn’t as epic as a Loki or a Red Skull.  And….uhh…that’s it.

You’ve seen the trailer, you think the visual effects will be like Inception.  Nope, they’re on a whole new level.  I’ve only seriously considered trying drugs a couple of times, (the laughing gas from my wisdom teeth removal might be the most fun I’ve ever had) but just 20 minutes into DS I’m thinking, “this would be the greatest trip ever!”  So, the CGI is superb, the acting is good and only clunky during the previously mentioned monologues, the story is right in line with what you expect from Marvel and the direction is surprisingly even and well done.

Lets face, you’ve already decided that you want to see it, and you are just reading this blog for confirmation.  Well, confirmation provided.  DS is really, really good.  Plan on seeing in sometime between now and Thanksgiving break.