Suicide Squad has all the problems we new it was going to have, but no more than that.  SS will rank first or second on your list of movies in the new DC Universe.  Sure, there are only three DCU moves out, but take a win where you can get it.  Don’t try to compare SS to any Marvel film, b/c that is going to lead to disappointment.  SS is 50/50 on hitting the mark on casting; Will Smith is great (finally back to doing Will Smith things), and Margot Robbie was perfect, so was Viola Davis.  Many of the other actors, whose names you do not know, could have really used a bump in quality.  The movie’s biggest strength, the pace is brisk and unrelenting, is also the cover for its biggest weakness.  DC is trying to catch up to Marvel all at once, instead of building brick by brick along the way, so there is way to much going on.  The list of 3 actors above get all the good lines and most of the screen time, so there is never an opportunity to care about the other half dozen people that are equally important to the story.  It leaves SS feeling chopped, the big parts were sloppily glued together and the details were forgotten.

I read one review that I’m going to steal from.  It said, “SS is the least worst DC film.”  That is just a tad bit too harsh, b/c in a vacuum (w/out Marvel movies) these movies would be fine, middle of the road action movies.  SS is the best average movie I’ve seen this summer.

Blockbuster season is winding down and you only have time for one more — go see Jason Bourne, unless you’re a comic book fan, or really enjoyed the first two Star Treks (in which case you’ve probably already watched SS or ST:B).