When Star Trek was rebooted it was said by the then director that this was a Star Trek for non-Star Trek fans.  That proved true; as the new Star Trek is an action movie full of pretty people and set pieces (and lens flair).  The same hold for Star Trek: Beyond, but a little bit tamer and a little bit slower.  You like the first two?  If yes, then you’ll like this one, but probably rank it third like I do.  Just like the time my sister got a bronze medal volunteering at the Special Olympics, b/c there were only three teams competing.

If you buy into the Star Trek Universe, then ST:B has a perfectly plausible story, story arc and plot.  The acting is good enough, and good for an action movie.  I never thought the special effects looked stupid, and they always fit right in with everything else going on.  The guy that directed the last few Fast & Furious movies directs this one, and he takes his next evolutionary step in his career here (but the lack of ridiculousness did surprise me, there is some, but way short of an F&F movie).  If he was a stock I’d buy, still low but going to be better.

You can see my praise isn’t sky high, but I don’t really have anything negative to say.  I’d say my review is better than “mixed,” but below “hurry to the theater.”  I’m about to review the Bourne movie, which I put one tick above this movie.

They cuss a time or two, but the kids will be fine.