My favorite part of Jason Bourne is how they let Matt Damon and the other good looking fella who played the villain spy look old and weathered, like they’ve actually been living this hard life for the last twenty years.  Little details like that make for great Bourne films.  In this case little details like that also made for some cringe worthy moments that made JB to much like other action movies.  Did you know the CIA can hack into every traffic cam, power grid and cell phone on the planet almost instantly?  Amazing.  Or that air bags don’t deploy if the hero doesn’t need them in his face?  Incredible.  You almost wanted to grab JB by the ears and say, “don’t stoop to their level, you’re better than this.”

Anyway, the actors are talented and do a good job.  Other than the moments where JB tries to fit in with the Avengers the directing is fine.  The story is tied up in the old movies, but if you’re half smart and will buy into something bad happened to Jason Bourne to make him this way, then you’ll hang on fine.  The action is good.  Once an action sequence starts it is pretty well full speed until it ends, watching is a bit of a work out.

I am putting the Star Trek:Beyond and JB reviews up at the same time, and since I’m doing that I’ll compare them head to head.  If you only have time for one, go see JB, its slightly better.

Lots of punching, kicking and shooting.  Some cussing by the supporting actors.  Teenagers won’t even notice, small kids might.