The Rock and Kevin Hart have good chemistry.  Central Intelligence was probably more fun to make than to watch.  CI is Jeb Bush to Rush Hour’s George, less in the ways that made it work.  I actually think I’m going to put this one on the director.  There was to much “alright Kevin, we’re going to point the camera at you and you be wacky.”  The story was good for a comedy, outlandish in the right places, but a bit heavy handed when it wanted to be serious.  You never really forget the Rock is the Rock ,or Hart is Hart, so the acting could have used some improvement.  The supporting cast is actually doing better than the stars.  There are a few funny moments, but it was certainly missing one of those epic funny scenes (think the pooping scene in Bridesmaids).  Ultimately, I’m not sorry I watched it, but I’ll probably be passing on it when the reruns roll around.  There is better stuff in the theater right now, and better stuff coming, so you can afford to give this one a pass.  Rent it later if you’re a Kevin Hart fan, or need to watch something light and disposable.