I’ll be the first to say that it is hard to make a good Tarzan movie, just like it is hard to make a good Superman movie.  Both are better in concept, better as side characters in their own stories (and, especially with Superman, it is hard to make a story arc about an invincible guy). The Legend of Tarzan is a chick flick; 3 parts The Notebook, 1 part Jungle Book and 1 part action movie.  The most positive thing I can say about it is that the scenery and the cinematography is outstanding.  Lord of the Rings in Africa, with all the pull backs and wide angles.  The good actors in it are still good (with Tarzan easily being the weak link), but I don’t think there is any amount of acting that would have made the movie more interesting.  I guess that is what I have to say about it, Tarzan just wasn’t all that much fun.  A muted version of a better movie.  The story is second rate, the writing is second rate, the main character’s acting is second rate, the love story is second rate, all that adds up to below average for a blockbuster.

Tarzan is probably the least fun I’ve had at the movies this summer, and is either the worst or second worst movie I’ve seen.  Warcraft at least knew it was an action movie, even though it was quite pitiful at times.  Tarzan is just unimpressive, just kinda boring.

The kids would be fine watching it, but there isn’t really a reason to go see this movie.