I almost feel like this review should come with a disclaimer.  Drake and I watched a ton of Fresh Prince of Bel Air growing up. Both of our personalities, especially his, was formed by watching Will Smith.  So, when Independence Day came out 20 years ago I soaked it up like a dry sponge.  Independence Day: Resurgence does not have Will Smith in it, and that is my chief complaint.  He was just so cool, and that is what ID:R needs, a dose of charisma and a shot of confidence.

ID:R is good, fun.  The ending is like a boss battle from a video game (think Dark Souls mashed with Star Ship Troopers).  The effects are pretty good.  The story is believable (if you buy in) and the plot holes and writing lapse are minimal (for and action movie). All the old actors (save Smith) are back, and I didn’t feel like anybody was mailing it in.  The best actors were left off the screen to much though, replaced by the young, good looking people.

There isn’t a whole lot to write.  ID:R is a popcorn flick; light on substance but heavy on the fun.  A 13 year old today will not enjoy it as much as 13 year old me enjoyed the original, b/c the sequel  just doesn’t carry the same weight and the same cool factor as the original.  I don’t I feel that way just b/c I’m older, but that is what the disclaimer was for.  Should you see it?  If you only see two movies a summer, don’t make this one of them.  If you frequent the movies fairly often, or mirror the feelings I have about the original, then check it out.  The kids will be fine.