The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean is the worst b/c it made Captain Sparrow the focus of the plot rather than the livewire that juiced up certain scenes.  Same thing here, Dory is a better side kick than a heavylifter in the necessary story telling.  With that said, Pixar is Pixar and they can do no wrong. But, Finding Dory is in the bottom half of Pixar movies.  Above the likes of Cars 2 and Planes but still a mile behind The Incredibles or the Toy Story franchise.

Great story.  Great voice acting. Loveable characters.  Par for the course for a Pixar movie.  Its actually kind of hard to write a review.  It is a good animated movie, which isn’t my favorite genre, but just like with the best country songs or the brand of doughnuts (KK, for the win), the best animated movies are really good even if that style isn’t your favorite.

The kids will love it, baby Dory is man card surrendering cute, and it is a Pixar movie.  Won’t gain anything from the big screen, but it 102 degrees outside, so if you’re water logged from the pool already go see it.