Another summer weekend, another comic book movie. We can actually thank the X-Men for getting this whole trend started way back in the year that Prince wanted to party. That first X-Men was a sight to behold, and X2 a couple of years later was even better. X-Men Apocalypse probably falls in the top half of X-Men related movies; I liked it better than First Class, and maybe not as much as X2.  What XM:A does better than any other super hero movie (Avengers included) is putting the powers out there on full display.  They didn’t strive for realism or try to tone down the mutant powers to be more believable, the characters had the same or almost the same powers and power levels that they do in the comic books.  So that was fun.  The airport scene in Captain America: Civil War is the new standard in super hero fight scenes, but I’m willing to give the last half hour of XM:A second place. The conversation on the way out made no mention of “that was disappointing b/c…” and had plenty of “how are they going to top that?”

Same problems as other X-Men movies, cheesy dialogue and uneven pacing.  A lot of great actors did no better than an ok job.  Par for the course. I’m not unhappy with the direction or production, but I do imagine what would happen if one of the absolute best directors had a crack at the franchise, maybe somebody with a little Shakespeare in them, a little cleverness.

Not as good as CA:CW, better than Batman v. Superman.  Not as much fun as Deadpool, more fun than the Jungle Book. Won’t make as much money as Zootopia, but I’d take XM:A over it.  Action buffs should see it in theaters, and the only people that should avoid it are those that are just turned off by comic book extravagance or the easily confused.

They cuss once or twice to get their PG-13 rating, and you see the slightly bloody aftermath of a battle.  Its loud.