Did you enjoy the first Neighbors, or the original Hangover?  Then you’ll like Neighbors 2.  More of the same, but its good in the same way that more pizza is good. N2 is funny, I laughed out loud several times.  The writing is clever and the timing and chemistry among the main players is spot on.  Seth Rogan is the real star, he knows exactly who he is and what his character needs to be.  He doesn’t try to out stud Zac Efron or be wacky like whoever plays his friend.  He carries the whole thing.

N2 is totally sexiest, both ways. The men are lumbering idiots, and the women are helpless … idiots. There’s a lot of idiocy.  Some of the humor is crude, and some of it is toilet humor.  Actually, come to think of it, there’s a little bit of just about every type of humor.  The writers certainly weren’t just into doing a sequel for the pay day.  However, the easily offended will be offended early and often.  No punches are pulled when it comes to race, sex, drugs or social status.  Everybody plays the prankster and the prankee at some point.

You won’t lose anything watching this at home, but it is funny and worth watching if you’ve got the stomach for the immaturity and vulgarity.  They cuss quite a bit, and make plenty of sexual jokes, N2 is not a kids movie.  (Its a immature adult movie)(Probably why I liked it)