Money Monster was better than I thought it was going to be.  Everyone was cast well, and the acting improves as the movie moves along. MM probably should have come out eight years ago, during the Recession.  Would have made more money, at least.  With that said, it is an (more or less) original idea, with a story that is well put together and more or less believable.

I’m actually having some trouble writing a whole lot about MM.  I doubt it will ever be anyone’s favorite movie, or make any Top 10 list.  So, coming off of Captain American: Civil War and Jungle Book MM feels like a light weight.  It was enjoyable, but there is nothing about MM that just jumps out at you.  Average movie; I like movies so I enjoyed it, but you may be better off waiting until it gets the Blu-Ray release.  Middle of the Rental List.

There is no reason your kids would enjoy this, just wait until I review Alice in Wonderland or Angry Birds.