Y’all know how I love super hero movies, so when I say, “CA:CW will probably be my favorite movie of the year,” that is partly b/c it is great, and partly b/c it is a super hero movie. We’ll start with the Great.

The airport fight is in the running for Best Fight Scene Ever and Best Super Hero Movie Moment Ever.  It’s this perfect mix of action and humor, old favorites and fresh ideas. The casting is spot on, and in all but a few moments the acting is so good that you forget you’re watching Chris Evans and RDJ, and think you’re watching the “real” Captain America and Iron Man. The special effects are obviously fake, b/c they are about super powers, but you don’t care (b/c they are about super powers). Every time they introduced a new character it brought a smile to my face, and the chemistry is believable.

My only negative comment is about the same trap that a dozen super hero movies have fallen in since X-Men got this era going back in 1999.  There are too many characters for each to be properly developed.  This wasn’t a problem for me, b/c I’m a total geek, have watched all the other movies multiple times, and know about the characters outside the movie universe.  But for the non-geek, there will be too many heroes to keep up with.  The problem isn’t as exaggerated as it was in say Batman v. Superman, b/c Marvel doesn’t try to add a plot line in for each character, but its still a lot of new faces in a short amount of time.

The only reason you shouldn’t go see it is if you’ve ever said, “I don’t see what the big deal is about these super hero movies,” or, “I don’t like going to the movies.”  It is must see for most men, and a fun way to spend an evening for a lot of women.  They cuss twice, and throw an extremely high number of punches (with only a few scrapes and cuts worth of blood), so all but the most sensitive kids can go.

Welcome to Blockbuster Season.