The Huntsman was better than I thought it was going to be, and certainly better than the first one. The lack of hype, bad taste from Snow White and the Huntsman and the worse release date means that this sequel will not make as much money as the original, but that’s to bad, because, quite frankly, its pretty good.

The first twenty minutes to half an hour is the worst of it the movie. It felt like they were wasting all the named actors and money they were spending.  Then, for no reason at all, The Huntsman hits it stride and is entertaining. Its like no one involved was really interested in making the movie the suits at the studio said they had to make, but when the suits got distracted and turned away everybody started to enjoy the work. So, lets say it is the director’s fault it got off to a weak start. But, if that’s the case, he deserves credit for the last hour plus, where the movie is fun. None of the actors turned in the best performance of their careers, but everyone did an acceptable job. The story is almost original, and uses the pieces it was handed well. The writing is also not going to win an Oscar (no one is winning an Oscar), but isn’t ham handed either.

I guess you could say this is an average movie.  If you regularly partake in my reviews you know that I enjoy movies in general, so I find the average movie entertaining. If your threshold is higher (most people’s will be) then you’ll meet The Hunstman with a “meh.” Understandable reaction, but I liked it. Bottom line: if you’re bored it is an acceptable distraction. But, for most people, you’re better off saving your money and hitting up Captain America: Civil War in two weeks.

Nothing real scary, no more than a smear of blood here or there, no cussing, the kids will be fine.