Where to start?

The last half hour is as good as any movie can be; compelling, intense, fun.  You could literally leave out the first two hours and not feel like you missed any thing at all.  A little less than an hour in I actually said to myself, “I wish they would get on with it.”  BvS is like three hours long, but to do everything they wanted to do it probably needed to be six or seven hours long.  On the other hand, they could have tried to fit in less and made a better movie that was only two hours long.  The perfect comparison is last year’s Godzilla movie, where nothing happens for what seems like forever, then your eyes get real big as you enjoy the two heavies fighting.

BvS is frustrating, b/c there are glimpses of greatness throughout.  The acting is very good.  Batman/Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are not necessarily well written or thought out, but Affleck and Esienberg flat out nail what they have to work with.  Kevin Costner is back for about 30 seconds, and those might be the best 30 seconds of the movie.  The directing was good, in the sense that Snyder got the most out of the actors and what he was handed on the script.  And the special effects never dip below stellar.  But I struggle giving the movie as a whole a positive review.  Its just not that good.  To much trying to catch up to Marvel.  To many story lines overlapping into an incoherent jumble.  Not nearly enough character development or character motivation.  BvS is to much and to little at the same time.

Should you see it?  Yes, probably so.  If you care anything about super heroes or big spectacle popcorn flix, you’ll want to watch it (if you don’t care about those things, I’m surprised you made it this far down the page).  Should you see it in the theater?  Nah, you should probably hunt Easter eggs and watch basketball.