You gotta know that Zootopia is a kids movie, and set your expectations accordingly.  Its not a top shelf kids movie, a la, The Lion King or Toy Story.  Nor is it second shelf, like The Incredibles or Inside Out.  Zootopia is more in line with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  Funny sometimes, will get a sequel, but adults aren’t going to enjoy it as much as the kids are.

Cartoons are harder to review, because I can’t complain about the acting, but the voice work was fine.  The story is good enough, I never got bored.  There are actually some political elements that will be over the kid’s heads (discriminating against certain types of animals that the kids will only interpret as “mean” rather than racist).  Typical cartoon action and, like I said, it is funny sometimes.  Actually, the funniest part for me was after the one jump scare the kid behind me squealed and said, “Mommy that scared me.”  But worry, its a kids movie for kids.  Take the youngins if y’all can afford a night out.  If you don’t have kids though, might want to save it for a day you’ve seen everything you really wanted to see on Redbox.