From a critical stand point the only bad thing I have about Straight Outta Compton is that the acting is atrocious for the first third of the movie.  The good news is that it moves from atrocious to bad, then to passable but spotty by the end.  Its like they filmed it from start to finish and the guys took lessons along the way.  But dang, its a good movie.  Its so good it made me feel uncomfortable.  There is racial stuff, and police brutality, which contribute to the tension, but what really made me hit pause and take a break was the story of this group of friends that had the world dead set against them, and their struggles with themselves and their culture.  Seriously, I hit pause and took a 20 minute break and fixed a chair to unwind a little bit.  SOC is that engrossing.  You may not be quite as wrapped up as I was; I can’t watch 3 episodes of the Office in a row, or the auditions on American Idol b/c it hurts me to watch people struggle.

SOC is like watching a revolution.  Either the revolution in the music or the culture would be enough for the movie, but it manages to deftly fit both in.  I enjoyed it, and it is not a movie I will soon forget.

They cuss a lot.  When they’re singing they use the F word like a comma. I’m sure the language is perfectly accurate to the retelling of the story, but if you’re sensitive to such the cursing will be to much for you.