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Y’all know I love comic book movies, so forgive me if I gush. Deadpool is great. It is also immature, violent, gawdy, profane and full of itself. So, the kid, the prankster and the rebel in me enjoyed it. You will not like it if you don’t have at least a passing fondness for immaturity, vulgarity or poop jokes. Now, Deadpool is not the most violent movie most of us will watch this year, and it has less cussing than your average HBO show, but the basis of the character is a elementary, juvenile fun. Its one liners and zingers, its braggadocios and conceited. I liked it a lot, I want to watch it again. This is fair warning. The acting is good, the writing deserves an Oscar, and the special effects are spot on. It coulda used another fight scene, but the ones it has are near perfect. If you’re a rebellious kid like me, Deadpool is a superior movie. If your taste are more grown up and sophisticated, you’ll still laugh at some of it, but won’t enjoy it as a whole. Don’t take the young ones.