One day I’ll review a movie that isn’t a summer/popcorn/action flix, but that day is not today. X-Men: Days of Future Past is pretty good. Its biggest problem is that it was written for me, but probably not for you. There is a lot of comic book in these characters, you either buy in and suspend belief, or you don’t. But, if you’re not a believer already then you’re not going to see it anyway. My fellow geeks will enjoy it. It is evenly paced, the dialogue is never tripe and rarely overly fluffy, the acting is even, rarely climbing high or dipping low, and in my comic book imbued the story holds together. I liked the action scenes, they were frequent and engaging. Like I said, its pretty good. Just a bit far out there and left to much on the plate (its over 2 hours long, but there is a lot of content and character development that went untouched or breezed by). Best three movies of the year so far are Lego, Captain America and X-Men in some order. I think they cuss twice, comic book violence (just about bloodless) throughout and they show us Wolverine’s self-healing butt, gotta make your own call for your kids. If it rains tomorrow definitely go see it, same if you’re a fan of this kind of movie.