If you think the only thing better than Transformers is More Transformers, then I’ve got a movie for you. Artistically, Transformers is a terrible movie; bad acting, bad editing, bad writing, plot holes, and general stupidity abound. But, it was fun and entertaining. Once the action gets rolling it is almost constant and is quite an impressive spectacle. There is more animation in Transformers than in Frozen, and it is the best looking CGI in the series so far. There is cool and imaginative stuff on the screen all the time. If you like explosions, chase scenes, gun fights and giant robots then you will get your fill. But this movie is stupid, you have to shut your brain off and just roll with the bloated idiocy of the whole thing. It’s long too, 2:45. I felt like I needed an ice bag and a nap when it was over, complete sensory overload. I feel like I could talk for a while about Transformers, but in summary, it is an excessive, loud, long, action packed, thrill a minute, unintelligible roller coaster. My mom wouldn’t like it, she’d get dizzy. My grandma would like it, but she has dementia. Frat boys would love it. Movie snobs would hate it. I liked it. I don’t want every movie to be this dumb, but once or twice a year something this spectacular is good for the boy in me. Theater worthy unless you’re to smart or dizzy for it. They make a point to be “edgy” and cuss more than necessary, no boobs and non-stop fighting. Your kids will love it, but it isn’t the cleanest film.