At some point every summer I remind y’all about my movie grading; I like movies. I consider an average movie a good way to spend time. I know some of you freaks enjoy fresh air, exercise, etc., and only think the best movies are really worth the time, but I generally enjoy a movie that is at least decent. So I enjoyed Tomorrowland, but I wish you could hear the hesitation in my voice. Its just average. I wanted it to be good, but it never really got off the ground. Its a kids movie written by adults to forgot they were writing a kids movie. Its a homeless man’s Intersteller; full of science lingo and a nonsensical story, but not nearly as interesting, well acted, or captivating. They went for the wow factor and missed.
The special effects are good, and it’s cute in places, but that is the highest praise I can muster. If your kids are bored you’d be better off just taking them to the lake. This movie is going to play on TBS for the next hundred years, don’t worry about checking it out at the theater.