The Revenant is slap full of dudes you’re going to be seeing in movies for the next 40 years. Its like they took the 2066 version of the Oscar death recap and picked all the guys in it for this movie. That is my crude way of saying that the acting is top notch. You forget Tom Hardy is Tom Hardy, and Leo is almost as good. It’ll win awards. But, I judge movies on entertainment value and not awards. So, while The Revenant is going to score very highly with critics, I do not think it was as much fun or entertaining as something like Mad Max or Jurassic World. Still above average entertainment, but not top shelf. The story is simple (not complex), but well executed. It should win the cinematography Oscar, b/c the scenery is a character unto itself. Its a good movie, intense, but it stops just short of gripping. A must for movie snobs, take it or leave it for the rest of us. The kids won’t like it, not fun enough. There is some violence. They went for realism with the violence, so it touches on brutal every now and then.