I don’t normally do movie reviews between the summer and winter blockbuster season, but by special request….The Maze Runner is a better book than a movie. I’ve never read the book, but the difficultly in 375 page book into a two hour movie was to much for this group to overcome. Its not bad, in fact the first 3/4 of the movie is a good story, with good cinematography and enough going on to keep you engaged. But there is just too much spaghetti thrown at the wall. Some of it sticks, but its pretty messy and convoluted. They didn’t spend $1 more than they had to on actors. Some of these guys might be good one day, but today is not that day. The best thing to compare it to is The Hobbit. “What’s that? You’re comparing the award winning classic from a cherished author to a movie you’re down on?” The Hobbit is one book that they made into three movies and showed rather than told. The Maze Runner is one book that they crammed into one movie and spent way to much time just trying to explain plot points. Grease is a legendary classic (even if I didn’t like it), but when the local theater group puts it on its just not as good, amateurish. The Maze Runner is a lesser version of the book (that I haven’t read (but I’m thinking about giving it a try b/c the movie did have some good stuff)). Three cuss words, some blood and monsters. Your kids will probably like The Box Trolls better. And no, I won’t be doing a review on The Hunger Games. Its mediocre at best, only go see it if you’re a fan (of the books or the blonde).