The new Hobbit movie is simultaneously the most lore heavy and action oriented of all of the Lord of the Rings Movies. They spend like an hour reintroducing characters and plot points from previous movies, then they spend an hour and a half settling it on a battlefield. Long story short: if you’re a LotR fan, you’re going to enjoy it. If you’re not a fan, and aren’t particularly excited about action movies, I don’t think you’ll enjoy it to much. Everyone can appreciate the things that all LotR movies do well; cinematography, epic scope, character in the characters, and great costumes and scenery. So I don’t think anyone will go so far as to say, “its bad,” or, “I didn’t like it at all,” but the Hobbit is decidedly slanted toward characters and plot points from other movies, and short on set up and explanation on this movie. It has my endorsement, just know what you’re getting into. Kids are fine if they don’t mind a few ugly/spooky bad guys.