Went to see The Hateful 8, and it can be summed up pretty quickly; its a Quentin Tarantino movie. So if you like his other stuff, you’ll like this one, and vise versa. That’s not a cop out, b/c his unique style is all over this movie. The wordy monologues, the stylized violence, the story that is deep, yet light, its all there. You’re dropped right into story mode with no warm up, but TH8 is still a slow burn. The story is good, evenly, if not excitingly, paced. (Almost the entire movie is in ‘real time,’ meaning there is 2:15 minutes straight without skipping ahead or flashing back.) The acting is par for the course, but still outlandish. In summary (again) if you like Taratino’s other movies then this will sit in the middle of your “Best Taratino Movies” list. No reason for the kids to see it.