The Expendables 3 is the worst of the three. Fewer characters that you care about, and the talking, oh the talking, the nearly unending talking. There’s two stretches of at least twenty minutes each that nothing of note happens. In fact, I can give you the exact set up; warm up fight, big fight, talking about the new guys, heist scene, talking about the old guys, climactic battle. When the action is on the screen it is thick and over the top. As long as you don’t mind some ridiculousness and inept henchman then you’ll enjoy the action. The real problem with it is…you know how I’ve said a few times this summer, “the action is evenly disbursed throughout,” this ain’t. Its chunky, all or nothing, long and power packed scenes broken up by the kind of acting we’ve always made fun of these guys for. Its like a body builder with huge arms and chest, but skinny legs. The Expendable 3 skips leg day. If you’re starved for action go see Guardians again, or I guess this will do. I just can’t give it my endorsement. Its PG-13 and earns every bit of it; they cuss, they fight, it walks the R line.