The Amazing Spider-man 2 opens our Summer Blockbuster Season (my second favorite season of the year after football season (winter comes in last)). For you baseball fans ASM2 has an easy analogy, its that fat dude that swings as hard as he can every time hes up to bat. When he connects its a home run and really great, but he ends up striking out more than anyone else on the team. ASM2 is great in parts: when Spider-man fights Electro, swinging through the city and with an occasional laugh out loud moment. But boy does it swing and miss too. The middle is just boring. Your girlfriend might enjoy the hour and a half of romantic drama and family struggles, but probably not b/c it isn’t very well done. I’m going to blame the director, b/c if everybody’s acting is bad then the fault lies with him and not the individuals. The script, or more accurately the story, doesn’t help either. Everything is so line up, uncreative, and convenient; there’s a “just so happens” moment every few minutes. It “just so happens” Peter’s dad was working on this special project, it “just so happens” Gwen can reset the system, it “just so happens” Harry gets sick 30 years before his father. Its like the movie was written by 15 different focus groups that each wanted to make their part the most dramatic, emotional and polished. I feel like I’m being a bit to harsh, b/c there are some home runs, but they did so little with so much. If you took your grandmother’s perfectly good recipe for apple pie and changed this, and tweaked that, and added some ingredients you thought would be better, you’d probably end up with edible cookies, but you know they aren’t going to be as good as grandma’s. That’s ASM2, nerdy, teenage, overwhelmed but genuine Peter Parker has been changed and tweaked to 2014’s hip, to grown up for his age and far less of a interesting character, and that stretches over the whole movie. Edible, but not as satisfying as the recipe that made it good in the first place. For my recommendation: the older you are the less likely you’re going to be glad you bought a ticket. No cussing, no sex, bloodless/near deathless violence, so the kids are safe.