Its about a week and a half old now, and Ant-Man is out soon, but if you’re an action movie junkie then Terminator: Genysis is worth watching. But if you’re anything other than an action movie junkie, or bored, you should probably pass on it. The action scenes are good. They are appropriately grounded (if you start from a place where we’re all gonna die to time traveling robots), varied and well put together. The rest is a combination of drivel and hogwash. Really, between T:G and Minions I think I lost a few IQ points Friday night. Arnold is actually the best actor in the movie, and that should tell you everything you need to know. This week go to the lake, or out to dinner, until Friday at least (unless you haven’t seen Jurassic World. And if that’s the case I have to question your patriotism and morals).