Spy is laugh out loud funny. You and whoever you’re in the car ride home with will be quoting it to each other on the way home. The casting is perfect, the acting is good, and the script is super funny. Its by the same people that made Bridesmaids and The Heat, better than the heat for sure and only below Bridesmaids b/c of the epic pooping scene in Bridesmaids. Anyway, Spy is in the same crass vein as those movies and Judd Apatow comedies, so if you’re sensitive to cussing and some sex jokes then you will leave thoroughly offended. I’m going to watch it again. Now, of course, if you’re only watching one then you watch Jurassic World (b/c RARRRRRR!!!), and I’m sure tonight’s Inside Out will be delightful, but Spy is really funny and worth a watch.