San Andreas is better than I thought it was going to be. I did not have the bar set very high, mind you, but I was pleasantly surprised. Let’s start with the bad. As in many action movies, especially disaster movies, the story is only there b/c it has to be. If you want good writing and characters you care about, go see a Meryl Streep movie. The Rock was the best actor in the movie, that should tell you what you need to know. Besides those thing though, SA was the best disaster movie since The Day After Tomorrow, and possibly better than that. The CGI is on point. The action is good and there is enough of it. Its fun, a mile behind Avengers and Mad Max, but a mile ahead of Tomorrowland. They cuss enough to get it to PG-13 and there isn’t much blood, but people are dying by the thousands, obviously. Don’t take sensitive kids.