Just finished Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Jamey thought it was tied for best movie he’s seen this summer, I’m not going to go that far. There are some excellent qualities to Planet of the Apes. Ceaser is perfect, always powerful and dignified, yet always maintaining the ape quality. The other apes look good too. Well cast and well acted. The story is good, if not gripping. It isn’t just an action movie, its actually a movie about family and relationships with some action scenes. Certainly unique. So, artistically, Apes is unrivaled this summer, but I think that Edge of Tomorrow, 22 Jump St., and (pre-summer) Captain of America are more entertaining, a little more fun. Apes is for everybody, you should see it. If you’re a fan of the franchise or have already seen the three movies I mentioned you should see it in the theater. Good date movie b/c both him and her will enjoy it. I don’t remember them cussing, but there is some fighting and some blood. Nothing gruesome, but there is conflict. Only steer away sensitive kids.