Saw a couple of movies on Friday, starting with Oculus. I’m not going to say I didn’t like it, but I have a feeling that the reason I’m not is my very low threshold for being entertained by a movie. They didn’t spend a lot of money making it. That criticism isn’t about the budget, you can just tell that everything was done on the cheap: no name actors, few locations, CGI shortcuts. Its just not special. With those criticism deservedly leveled I will say that it is a bit creepy, the idea is good and they did well with it for what it was (its like 60 minutes worth of potential stretched out to 100 minutes). I guess the best way to describe Oculus would be that it would be a really good made for TV movie; good TV length, good TV acting, good TV CGI and budget. No reason to go see it in the theater unless you are serious about your scary movie intake (in which case you’ve probably already gone).