Saw Minions last night, and I’m a little disappointed, b/c I didn’t really like it. Minions has both feet in the kids movie camp, the jokes for the adults just aren’t frequent enough, or funny enough, and the story/plot is not substantial enough to make it especially enjoyable for adults. Its cute, funny a few times, and its going to make a ton of money, but I was yawning by the mid point. Minions suffers from the same fate as the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Everybody’s favorite character(s) is great as the livewire, crazy neighbor, there for laughs, type, but doesn’t have the character arc or story to carry the whole movie. Now your kids are going to love it. It is an hour and a half of playful simplicity, they will eat it up. If you’re taking your kids or grandkids, go, but there really isn’t another reason for adults to see Minions.