I believe any of the negative things I have to say about Malificent comes from the way I view movies. In a world of X-men and Superman fairy tales seem a little old and worn. Fairy tales are stories designed to teach a lesson or put a kid to sleep, not just for entertainment. Next, it is upsetting, or at least unsettling, when an established story is changed for a movie. I didn’t like it with Iron Man 3, I don’t like it here b/c its conflicting. Finally, it felt more like a sooped up play then a blockbuster movie, again plays just aren’t my top choice for entertainment. So that’s, if you disagree with my view on any of the above then you’ll like Malificent just fine. The acting is perfect for this kind of movie. The scenery is good and the story is of typical Disney fairy tale quality. Again, not bad, I just don’t itch in the place it scratches. I think you can wait until DVD release on this one, its more of a curl up on the couch movie. If your kids weren’t scared at the original Sleeping Beauty then this one will be fine too.