Going to have a tough time describing Mad Max for you (that’s a lie, I never have trouble talking, but it is a different movie). If you have more than an ounce of testosterone you need to go ahead and pick a day to go see it in the theater. Dude, go see it. I don’t know if the fairest among us are going to like it though. It is the first movie I can remember that spends more time on action sequences than everything else combined. And they are great; face paced, impressive and still kinda grounded. The second catch is that MM is full on weird. My first comment coming out of the theater was, “I’m glad they went totally crazy and not just a little crazy,” b/c the bad guys in this thing are straight up bonkers, and it would have really taken away from the whole thing if they’d have held back. The acting, what little there is of it, is average. The plot can not only be summed up, but fully explained in two sentences (and that would even leave room for elaboration). But this movie isn’t about character arcs, deep thoughts, and winning awards, it’s about full steam ahead mayhem and fun. In that regard MM hits every mark. Go see it. You see one girl’s butt one time, and I can’t actually remember them cussing, but there is obviously a ton of the actiony violence. Not much blood or gore, but lots of car crashes, explosions and shooting.