Lucy has been out a couple of weeks, and won’t last in theaters to much longer. But don’t worry, you can put Lucy low on the rental list. The action is sparse compared to most of the movies I’ve watched recently, (we’ve been on a pretty heavy action stretch though) and it’s nothing jaw dropping anyway. The story is sci-fi, but better in concept than in execution. There are few actors, and everybody that isn’t named Scarlett Johansson does a great job (I know I talked about Megan Fox in the last review, and maybe I’m just girl crazy (or regular crazy), but SJ just doesn’t do it for me. She isn’t that pretty and she isn’t a good actress. I just don’t think she should be in movies.). Being long would have actually helped Lucy, the movie would have been more fun and she would have been easier to cheer for if they’d have spent time watching her discover her powers. Anyway, not much to say, just kinda “meh.” I’m not even going to put the kid part at the end, take them to something else.