Jurassic Park is on the short list of movies that can never be outdone by a sequel, but were so good that our expectations for sequels are still sky high. Well, after reading a few reviews and my general attitude about staying off the hype train I lowered my expectations for Jurassic World. Those lowered expectations were vastly exceeded. The last hour of JW will be the best hour of any movie you watch this year. There are a few rough patches in the first half, as the story jerks and lurches forward, trying to establish characters you care about and a reason to put the real stars on display. But when JW changes to being about the dinosaurs it really shines. The dinosaurs are fun and scary at the same time, there are only a few moments that you forget that the dinosaurs are all fake. The humans aren’t as good. The acting is poor-ish, on par for the franchise, and like I said, the story is a necessity that isn’t given much attention. But man, those dinosaurs. Go see it (you know you want to anyways). As far as the kids go: they cuss a couple/few times, there is blood, but much of it comes off camera and no one gets ripped apart. The Jurassic Park movies are really horror movies in disguise. More like Jaws than Friday the 13th, but people still get chased, run in terror and some of them die. If your kids can watch the original they can watch this one.