Hercules is a flawed movie. The acting is bad pretty much across the board, which you can usually blame the director for. The Rock is the worst among all of them though. It’s too bad because he’s been good before, he just wasn’t here. The writing bad as well. I feel like I could have written this movie. There are some funny lines, but mostly it struggles to get from one scene to another or advance the story. Its just too choppy, predictable and full of cliches. It isn’t all bad, the action is very good. All of the fight scenes measure up. The idea behind the movie is good as well. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. I can’t give it a glowing recommendation, go ahead and wait for Guardians of the Galaxy or Ninja Turtles to come out. They fight throughout , not much blood though, and they throw in one cuss word to get the pg-13 rating.