It is well known that I’m a geek. If you didn’t know already, I’ll happily tell you. Being a geek you might expect a free pass when it comes to super hero movies in these reviews. Guardians of the Galaxy will not be getting a free pass, b/c it doesn’t need one. There really isn’t any bad to speak of; a couple of cheesy lines, a few minor characters underdeveloped, and a scene or two from each actor that could have been done better. The only way that you will be disappointed in this movie is if you expect it to be The Avengers. If The Avengers and the Dark Knight sit on the top shelf , GotG, your favorite Iron Man and your favorite Captain America will sit on the second shelf. Just don’t go in expecting to know the characters. I only knew the main players b/c of my geekiness and from visiting the library (YES!, the library has comics). Go see it, its great. Best action movie of the summer, best blockbuster of the summer. Its funny, well put together, cool and the action is good and evenly disbursed. Just don’t try to put it in a box that it wasn’t meant to fill (Avengers 2) and you’ll have a great time. You’ll like it more than your kids do, its almost like an episode of The Office if you added action and villains. The fighting is mostly bloodless and they are purposefully irreverent and cuss a handful of times.