Calling the movie Godzilla is misleading. Godzilla is a bit player in his own movie, not even enough screen time to be a supporting actor. That will be the closest I get to spoiler, but it sums up everything nicely when you also know that when the camera is on the big lizard you are watching a great movie, and when its not you’re not missing anything at all. The acting is disappointing. I say disappointing instead of bad, b/c it isn’t ever eye rolling bad, Bryan Cranston was so cool in Breaking Bad but is just regular here, and there is a lot invested in the male and female leads (they are both in Avengers 2, they need to be good). I’d like to mention the good/great before I complain a little more: the idea is good, the CGI is great. Without spoiling anymore, the idea behind the story is a worthwhile pursuit. Any monster action sequence or wreckage scene is fantastic, in both size and execution. The problem is when Godzilla isn’t on the screen its pretty boring. I talked with my friends about Jaws, Jurassic Park and other movies where the “star,” who people really came to see, isn’t on the screen that much. The difference is that those movies are entertaining while anticipation builds, Godzilla isn’t. The non-Godzilla characters you’ve seen 100s of times, and you’ve seen it done better. To safe, to lazy. Can’t give it a glowing recommendation. Kids will like it better than teenagers, teenagers better than husbands, husbands better than wives. No cursing, no blood, nothing to deter from bringing the kids. (Just be prepared to set up the couch cushions and have a wrestling match/playfest when you get home.)