Its almost unfair for me to review God’s Not Dead. I watch movies for their entertainment value, while entertainment is only a secondary concern in GND. In any case, GND is on the second shelf of Christian movies, up there with Facing the Giants and above the likes of Fireproof (with the production values of Passion of the Christ giving it the sole place on the top shelf). Yes it’s cheesy, yes it’s predictable, yes the acting is suspect and yes the story is a bit pretentious, but that is par for the course. It is honest, and if the story is a bit pretentious I could say the opposite about the actors and director. I never rolled my eyes and never got the impression that anyone except maybe Hercules didn’t genuinely want to be there. GND is made for Christians, and I wouldn’t feel good taking a non-Christian, b/c it doesn’t play out like real life enough to be convincing, but if you already believe then it will reaffirm what you already think. As strictly a movie I can’t recommend it, as a Christian pick-me-up then you can’t do much better. The only reason to go see it in the theater is if you want to use your dollars to support these sort of efforts. Its fine for the kids, obviously.