As promised during yesterday’s Avengers review: my thoughts on Fast and Furious 7. I wish I could judge F7 on its own merits, but I can’t. When the first Fast and Furious came out I was the perfect age to enjoy it. The guys were so cool, and the girls were so hot, and the adventure was just like I’d have drawn it up. Well, we’re both adults now, and eventually we have to leave our youth behind, right? Wrong. Fast and Furious is the friend that rolls into town once every couple of years and reminds you that you can still have fun, but also that there is a reason you don’t make those choices every weekend. There is a lot of action. Its flashy and over the top, and totally unbelievable. The acting is as poor as you expect, and the story is just a means to an action packed end. You know exactly what you’re getting with this old friend. I liked it. I’m glad they’ll make an 8th one. I got what I wanted out of it, but I won’t pay money to see it again. If you’re a fan of the others you’ve probably already seen it. Otherwise, just wait for the Redbox on a night your wife is out.