I could see how you could make an argument that Edge of Tomorrow is the best movie, so far, of this blockbuster season. X-Men would be the other option. To be fair, this season doesn’t really have a showstopper, but I haven’t seen a complete dud yet either. Anyway, if you like Tom Cruise movies you’ll really enjoy this one. He and Emily Blunt do a good job together, and they make up about 90% of the acting. The tech looks good, the CGI doesn’t have any problems and the story is average sy-fy bollocks, but it gets the job done. The action has high points and is always good enough, and is consistent and spread evenly. Overall EoT is an enjoyable experience. Generally, men and action fans would like it best, but I don’t think there is any reason that wives and girlfriends wouldn’t enjoy it as well. If you’ve only got time for one movie I guess X-Men is still the pick, but EoT is pretty good too. They fight a lot, but it isn’t incredibly bloody, and I don’t remember any cussing, (but that could be that I had just watched Neighbors so any cussing in EoT was overshadowed) but the kids would enjoy X-Men and probably Godzilla better.