They got summer started early in the movie theater with Captain America. No problem, except for my wallet. Anyway, Captain America: The Winter Solider is great, not quite Avengers level, of course, but as good as Iron Man and better than the last Thor. I compare it to other Marvel movies for obvious reasons, but a more apt comparison would be to Mission Impossible (the latest one). I wish they would have went in more of a Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan or Jason Bourne direction, but you can certainly do worse in the action/spy entertainment department than the MI franchise. Chris Evans does a fantastic job as Cap, even keeled an believable. The acting overall is good, only dipping when we’re focused on the people that got the job b/c of their looks. But ‘looks’ is something this movie has plenty of; explosions, car chases, hand to hand fights. The action is properly paced, and even though it isn’t “nonstop” I didn’t leave feeling there should have been more. If you can suspend disbelief and buy into the superhero movies then you are going to have a great time with this one. I’d say go see it in the theater, b/c 1. you probably haven’t been in a while, 2. that action and spectacle can’t be replicated at home, 3. I really want them to keep making these things and money talks. You can take the kids; no sex, only glimpses of blood or injured people, plenty of fighting, but nothing they aren’t pretending to do already. Enjoy the season!